Technology at the service of health and sustainability are the two issues the researchers of the Milan Polytechnic will concentrate on.

Fondazione Milano per Expo (FMpE) has donated to the Milan Polytechnic € 120,000 to finance three research grants for young female researchers.

The donation is part of the E4WE/Education for Women’s Empowerment project in the spirit of what was started during Expo 2015 and in line with what the Women’s Pavilion will offer at the coming Expo 2020.

FMpE decided to join the programme of the Pavilion, as promoter of a competition for three research grants together with the Milan Polytechnic that puts women in the centre, helping sustain the importance of a society capable of inclusiveness, an important element that is increasingly indispensable for the advantages it brings in innovation, sustainability and economic value.

In particular, the donation will sustain female researchers in fields were the intersection between technology and medicine plays a key role: they will look at the impact of Big Data on biomedical research, of models of measurement and Artificial Intelligence at the service of health and the contribution of science and technology to the social responsibility of hospitals.

Another area will play a part in the assignment of these grants, that of sustainability in the agro-food chain. They are very topical fields of research with an important social impact, issues in which the Polytechnic is investing heavily, leading the way in Italy with new engineering professions that will become increasingly important in the coming years.

This initiative is part of the strategic plan of the Milan Polytechnic, which is taking a number of action was to involve young female researchers, as outlined in the Gender Report: a document that gives an overall picture of the University, giving an updated analysis of the main data on the student body, the teaching body and technical and administrative personnel.

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