Expo 2020 Dubai

At the coming Expo 2020, FMpE, together with the Politecnico di Milano, is promoting E4WE - Education for Women’s Empowerment – to favour female participation in scientific and technological sectors.

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Models of permanent

sustainable heredity

The Foundation’s main aim is to leave to Milan, Italy and the emerging countries MODELS of PERMANENT SUSTAINABLE HEREDITY contributing to, sustaining, empowering and spreading the development of talents.

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Togo Project: Jeunes Filles pour l'Agro

A programme for professional development in the agro-food chain for young women in the Savannah region north of Togo.

Female empowerment: the space dedicated to WOMEN at the Italy Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, dedicated to “Feeding the planet, energy for life”.

In an interview Ambassador Laura Carpini tells of her role as facilitator between the Foundation and Togolese contacts.