How we operate

From the theme of the 2015 universal exhibition “Feed the planet, energy for life” we continued promoting through the Google Cultural Institute a digital exhibition with images, text and video of the Italy Pavilion. The first project of DIGITAL LEGACY.

A model of “Best Practices” for future Expos that gives access to cultural material, preserving them to educate and inspire future generations.

To support the implementation of Agenda 2030 at the Astana 2017 Expo with the competition ”Youth in Action for Sustainable Development Goals” aiming to highlight the entrepreneurial talent of young women under 30 and with support for projects aimed at improving the quality of life thanks to women such as “Women Peace Builders for Water”.

At Expo 2020 Dubai “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, we want to act as an engine and energy for change and evolution.

Sustainability, accountability, efficacy, efficiency: these are our keywords.

Today “future” time has lost its character of inevitability. It will be there, if we commit ourselves to making it happen. For this reason it is important to choose clearly how we intend to operate.

What guides us is the desire for own renewable future. So we intend to adopt a socially responsible method.

What counts for us is the strengths of the project.

A project that centres on the principles of sustainability (if not, what future is there?). A project structured according to the most honest rules of transparency and responsibility, towards all the players involved, from the donor to the beneficiaries.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, Expo Milano 2015

Women for Expo ad Astana 2017

Women for Expo Astana 2017